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367(a)-8(g), certain nonrecognition transfers of stock, securities or assets are not triggering events, as long as the U.
Without a good understanding of the difference between the value specified in a buy-sell agreement and true economic value, parties to a buy-sell contract may unwittingly provide shareholders a financial incentive to cause a triggering event and get bought out.
We have received very positive feedback from customers about our new Pinpoint triggering system and have decided to extend this capability throughout our high-performance oscilloscope family," said Colin Shepard, Vice President, Oscilloscope Products, Tektronix, Inc.
1503-2(g)(2)(iii)(A)(2)-(7), a triggering event is rebutted if the taxpayer demonstrates to the Service's satisfaction that, depending on the triggering event, either (1) the dual-resident corporation's (or separate unit's) losses, expenses or deductions cannot be used to offset another person's income under a foreign country's laws or (2) the asset transfer did not result in a carryover under foreign law of the dual-resident corporation's (or separate unit's) losses, expenses or deductions to the asset transferee.
A redemption agreement is an arrangement by which a corporation is obligated (or has the option) to purchase its own stock back from its shareholders on a triggering event (discussed below), such as a shareholder's death or retirement.
The Rannugs and their colleagues now suggest that this light exposure breaks tryptophan down into its metabolites, which then "can spread throughout the body," triggering the Ah receptor--and, eventually, the CYP 1A1 gene's production of those enzymes.
Competitors' oscilloscope solutions with CAN triggering and protocol decode use post-processed software techniques to decode CAN frames.
6621(c)(2), providing that letters or notices are to be disregarded for purposes of triggering hot interest if the amount of the tax deficiency is not greater than $100,000.
With Electronic Kanban, the triggering of the Kanban pull is done automatically enabling the user to focus on the physical material movement while the system manages the data movement using established triggers that are executed when a pre-defined minimum is reached.
1502-13(f)(5)(ii) for groups willing to undo a triggering transaction that occurred in a tax year after July 11, 1995, to avoid such gain recognition.
So, if mania and depression are the result of such overactive systems (whether by an abnormal amount of triggering molecules or because of another more subtle reason), lithium would throttle down the system common to both.
Enhancements to the latest version of the Identify software include mixed-language support, cross triggering between multiple instances of the Intelligent In-Circuit Emulator (IICE(TM)) and signal equivalence capability.