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The schooners moored to the quay are trim and neat, the little town along the bay is white and urbane, and the flamboyants, scarlet against the blue sky, flaunt their colour like a cry of passion.
A little later the trim and speedy car drew up in front of the Nestor home, and Tom bounded up on the front porch, his heart not altogether as light as his feet.
I know somewhere about what things are likely to be; but there's no trimming and squaring my affairs, as Chloe trims crust off her pies.
Some goat keepers trim hooves outdoors, or on a covered porch.
We all should know by now to adjust attitude with the pitch control, then trim off the pressure so the elevator stays where you want.
Now Harken and Jeanneau have combined their considerable talents to take ease of use to a whole new level with their Assisted Sail Trim system, which integrates sophisticated software with Harken Rewind[TM] and captive winches and other gear so that sails trim themselves automatically.
You can save yourself money and hassles by buying separate pieces of trim and assembling them yourself rather than buying elaborate premilled moldings.
Based on some research by Mercury Marine, optimal use of trim may result in 15 to 54 percent fuel savings.
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Not only will the trim tab need repair but the rotor blades will need retracking and rebalancing.
The system's AccuFind laser sensor locates the part in space, detects any part variation and automatically adjusts the robot programme to trim features accurately.
Trim can mean cutting off and getting rid of anything extra, such as branches from a bush, or it can mean adding decorations, such as to a present.