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When buying a UPVC door, it's important to remember that the sizes are set, so the door can't be trimmed down.
Curious about fuel savings, I ran the Shearwater for a while with the engine trimmed down and compared the MPG with what we saw under auto mode.
On the other hand, the price was trimmed down to BYR 390,000 from BYR 855,000 under the highest plan, Record 100 with 100 Mbps download.
HBO's "Game of Thrones" director, Alex Graves, revealed how deleting scenes in the Season 4 finale was not an option since the episode was just trimmed down.
All the initial provisional squads have been trimmed down, injuries weighed up and fitness assessed as the teams go through their final preparations ahead of the big kick-off in Sao Paulo.
TRIMMED down comic Lenny Henry shed three stone after being diagnosed with diabetes, he revealed.
Brand new engraving gives the Nano a sporty look, and the trimmed down design makes the release a bit more comfortable.
Head coach Robin McBryde will name his final trimmed down 27-strong squad next Tuesday.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Legislature of al-Iraqiya Coalition, Khalid al-Alwany, has described the restoration of the ministers, who were trimmed down from the Iraqi Cabinet to the Parliament, as "an illogical decision," suggesting their retirement.
Melbourne, May 20 (ANI): After losing 10 kg in quick time, the trimmed down Shane Warne has launched an underwear and clothing range in India with his new love Elizabeth Hurley.
We trimmed down and mashed up the most memorable moments from the appearances by state Rep.
And your votes have trimmed down the list to a quartet.