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The two most important pieces of goat hoof trimming equipment are a pair of good sharp trimming shears and a comfortable, well-lit place where the goat can be easily restrained.
The machine is being pitched as an alternative to manual trimming which is a dusty, time-consuming process that can create a harsh working environment for employees and part quality issues for manufacturers.
Headscratcher: If you're trimming something, you could be adding to it or taking away from it.
ABSTRACT : Beak trimming in laying hens is a routine practice in which about 1/3-1/2 of the upper and lower beak is removed with the aim of reducing cannibalism.
The Baader 988S salmon trimming and portioning machine is marketed as an advanced trimming system for salmon as well as sea trout.
The city spends about $5 million annually for tree trimming, plus $1.
Includes forming and trimming machinery, auxiliaries, components, and controls.
and its trimming ability in both horizontal and vertical planes with extreme accuracy.
Alternate methods of finishing parts besides cryogenics and hand trimming are provided.
Floating gate trimming of semiconductors, particularly linear analog circuits have matured to the point where the technology is used extensively in many manufacturing and final test processes.