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Tristis means sad, too, but these trees will bring much happiness.
Key words: hepatomegaly, ovarian tumor, 3-dimensional ultrasonography, avian, common mynah, Acridotheres tristis
Colonisation of the Middle East by the invasive common myna Acridotheres tristis with special reference to Israel.
The common bronzeback tree snake Dendrelaphis tristis is reported from the hilly terrain of Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad.
Keywords: Dendrelaphis tristis, new record, Colubridae, Himalayan foothills, Margalla Hills.
The common bronzeback tree snake, Dendrelaphis tristis (Daudin, 1803), ranges from Sri Lanka northward through most of India to Myanmar and Nepal (Van Rooijen and Vogel, 2008).
For those whose life is untroubled by the complexities of tristis, abietinus and brehmii, and enjoy their chiffchaffs wherever they've come from, nowis an exciting time.
As dense as this distillation still may seem, it is appropriate, for no attempt to demonstrate an underlying consistency of Bruno's thought should eliminate the dynamic opposites in the thought of the man who (as Brann reminds us, 320) chose as his motto In tristitia hilaris, in hilaritate tristis (In sorrow, joyful; in joy, sorrowful).
tristis (Mill Creek, Kansas River drainage, Wabaunsee County, Kansas).
tristis within this putative clade cannot be determined solely on the basis of chromosomal NOR phenotype because homologies of the various D NOR chromosomes have yet to be tested using other types of chromosomal banding (for example, serial or G-bands).
It is now the only known site in Britain for the beetle, which has only got a Latin name,Chlaenius tristis,`` said Les Colley,of the Countryside Council for Wales, the reserve's senior manager.
Les Colley of the Countryside Council for Wales on the trail of the rare; Chlaenius tristis beetle (inset); Main picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES