trite remark

See: platitude
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I will not weary you," he said, "with the usual trite remarks.
This trite remark, naturally, sparked outrage on social media from the many whose lives have been ruined by the crippling condition.
What does the word 'platitude', for a trite remark, mean literally in French?
That Bill Shankly's trite remark about life and death paling into insignificance beside the beautiful game was the insightful truth.
Perhaps a trite remark, but still excellent advice.
You have got to be able to vacillate between one of two things - to be cheerful on the one side and to enjoy the business, but on the other side to be serious because some trite remark could give away secrets or cause embarrassment.
Through all of this, the supposedly economically literate Singh was little more than a silent spectator, offering only denials of responsibility or trite remarks from the perspective of a political outsider.
It would be easy to draw attention to other works that have already covered the ground, and this reviewer hopes that his own Maps and Politics (University of Chicago Press, 1997) would be included, but it is possibly best to adopt a benign view, and also to ignore such trite remarks as "The concept of Europe is still fluid and controversial" (132).