trite saying

See: platitude
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In the old trite saying that love is a projection of self--an egoisme a deux--lies a profound meaning known only to philosopher and poet; for it is ourself in truth that we love in that other.
Writers may have lost interest in it because they focus on one aspect only, which is the informative aspect and become discouraged because the world has become "a small village" as the trite saying goes.
A trite saying but true: they don't make 'em like that any more.
There is a trite saying, "history is written by the winners".
According to a boys' club leader in Boston, "It is a true and trite saying that a good home is a better place for a boy at night than a boys' club.
Scholars need to move beyond the trite saying that the Midwest is the mainstream of America to a rigorous analysis of its nineteenth-century development.
They also mentioned trite sayings like "take it to the next level" and "it is what it is.