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The country's behind John because it realises the utter triteness of the ballroom dancing world with its high camp frocks, furbelows and orange complexions.
The speaker next turns to consider how what one might call the triteness of the game is ironically similar to the casual and statistical indifference of the war:
Its relentless triteness turned the milk on my cornflakes sour.
What saves these tunes from triteness is the bands he forms to interpret them.
I am offended every day by the triteness and tyranny of organised religion but don't stand outside places of worship demanding they close.
The extreme opacity of a Lacan or a Derrida attempted not only to mask the utter triteness of their line of thinking but, by making doubt fashionable, to insinuate a pervasive cultural cynicism.
Image-conscious buyers are understandably tired of the workaday triteness of Astras, Focuses and Golfs, and want to mimic well-heeled buyers of BMW X5s and Range Rovers.
They never succumb to the triteness of a Hollywood happy ending but show instead a noble and stubborn fortitude, proud individuals bumping into one dead end after another, twisting elegantly in the wind.
I am struck by the triteness of my observation, by how often one reads or hears some version of the importance of communication, by the need I feel to make that observation at all.
They are highly original in spite of obvious triteness, and artistic in spite of superficial crudeness.
Bearing in mind the footnote on the female as educator and instructor of kings, we can see that the conscious move toward conventional Imperial idiom in the poem's conclusion results in an almost studied triteness.
WOULD EXCEED THE TOLERABLE BOUNDS OF TRITENESS TO POINT out the importance of history to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.