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In Endecous (Grylloidea: Phalangopsidae) the presence of large teeth positioned at the median and lateral portions of the proventriculur appendices, can provide these insects with an apparatus effective in the trituration of several food sources (Fontanetti et al.
4) The minced tissue was suspended in 5 volumes of ice-cold Dulbecco's modified Eagle's minimal essential medium (DMEM) (Gibco, Grand Island, NY), supplemented with fungi-zone (50 [micro]g/mL), penicillin (50 U/mL), streptomycin (50 [micro]g/mL), and 10% fetal calf serum, and dispersed into single cells and cell clusters by trituration with a glass homogenizer, and settled by centrifugation.
This forced feed ensures that the whole of the sample is continuously subjected to the grinding and trituration process and is also mixed.
The tissue was dissociated by trituration through a sterile pipette, and groups of isolated neurons were kept at 14 [degrees]C for up to one week in culture dishes containing an elasmobranch Ringer solution comprising (in mM): NaCl (250), KCl (6), Mg[Cl.
For this economist-cum-physician, the stomach was not only a good cook, because chewing and trituration were not enough for good digestion.
Van Helmont discovered the significance of acid in gastric digestion, which up to that time and for long after was attributed to heat and trituration, but he reasoned that gastric digestion is not attributable to acidity as such, because neither vinegar nor lemon juice will digest food.
Potentization invites serial dilution with succussion (violent strokes) or trituration at each stage.
By comparaison with the construction timber and trituration industries, the wood-energy economy is regularly passed over by official statistics.
Comminution--(1) The reduction of a substance to a fine powder; pulverization; trituration.
Trituration and disintegration are terms having similar application.