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the destruction of the two temples, the triumphal arch and the funeral towers," he said.
The triumphal arches were decorated with mythological images creating an iconography as an integrated rhetorical and visual statement in an unfolding narrative that would 'educate' and entertain the onlookers.
There were lots of broad street-urchin accents and speed-freak dance moves; jokes about the G-strings being thrown at Jeremy Jordan, the show's breakout heartthrob; and debate whether it was funnier for the character Crutchie to execute the triumphal leap from the show's poster with his crutch on or off the ground.
Sixty-three marathon runners from Germany passed through the Triumphal Arch in Skopje on 4 July marking the end of the traditional Marathon Race of Cultures.
THE triumphal announcement that Ringo Starr''s Liverpool home - and 15 other houses in Madryn Street, Dingle - had been saved for posterity, was nothing compared with the clout given to Sefton Council by housing minister Grant Shapps for failing to restore similar Victorian terraces in Bootle, where streets of tinned-up houses are falling victim to arsonists and scrap metal thieves.
This was the perfect scene setter for what should be a triumphal year of sport.
Meanwhile, Musharraf has admitted that plans for a triumphal return to Pakistan later this month could be delayed.
The first words in this article's title have managed to turn Israel's miraculous victory in the Six Day War and its triumphal return to parts of the biblical and ancestral land of its forefathers - into something to be reviled and reversed.
Hundreds of officers blocked off Triumphal Square, then began chasing about 100 demonstrators, seizing some and throwing them into police vehicles.
We remain unsure about the reasons behind their decision but, in any event, it ill-befits Howard to write a piece that suggests he actually found our loss of sponsorship somewhat amusing, adopting, as he did, a sort of triumphal 'you had it coming' tone.
The Prime Minister, who arrived here this afternoon, visited the place also known as Triumphal Arch built in honour of those who fought and died for France in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.
By winning this Prize, the Porsche 911 will continue its triumphal march in 2011 as an international award-winning role model for quality and reliability, which already brought it several top awards all over the world last year.