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TRIVIAL. Of small importance. It is a rule in equity that a demurrer will lie to a bill on the ground of the triviality of the matter in dispute, as being below the dignity of the court. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4237. See Hopk. R. 112; 4 John. Ch. 183; 4 Paige, 364.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The post Our View: Turning a triviality into a major issue is what our politicians do best appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
A All registered pension schemes did count towards triviality rules, therefore previously it would be no.
And add to this the new possibilities for those with small pension pots under triviality rules, this really has been a significant easing of restrictive options for retirees.
Jews and the Jewish state are once again under siege everywhere: by the United Nations, world head quarters of anti-Semitism: by, it goes without saying, the religious leaders of Islam and their constituents; by the European union; by the Obama/Kerry, vise, including the appeasement of Iran, a regime sworn to the destruction of the Jewish state, to which the West is by its silence wholh indifferent; by the so-called Human Rights movement; by the BDS assaults; by, in America, our own innocently deluded voting partem; by, in America, our distancing from and growing indifference to the State of Israel; by, in America, our ignorance, our triviality, and our lack of any historical sense; and by much, much, much more.
Not only is he a proudly world class African, but he has also kept it real, prioritising the important things in life above triviality and the temptation to do it easier.
More legal triviality 20mph zones, variable speed sections on motorways and a whole mess of other ill-thought through trivial laws are a waste of time and money and will not save any lives.
His law of triviality was part of his wider law on management.
The book's simplicity and magic may garner attention, but its brevity and triviality might be underwhelming in comparison with other paranormal romances.
There is nothing to be proud about here and in fact, we are talking about the triviality and backwardness of our societies.
Like Scott Walker before him, Sylvian turned his back on such triviality to tread an artful path that brought him cult rather than pop appeal.
Q You mentioned "triviality" rules for pensions under pounds 18,000 a few weeks ago.
Among the topics are upper bounds for the Whitehead-length of mapping spaces, the rational homotopy of symmetric products and spaces of finite subsets, the triviality of adjount bundles, spaces of algebraic maps from real projective spaces into complex projective spaces, the rational cohomology of the total space of the universal fibration with an elliptic fibre, and the localization of group-like function and section spaces with compact domain.