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12: Every soft neutrosophic N-ideal (F, A) over a neutrosophic N-ring N(R) is trivially a soft neutrosophic N-ring but the converse may not be true.
As I have shown, both alternatives have vastly undesirable consequences: a closeness relation based only on member similarity makes all relevant trans-world counterfactuals trivially false, while a closeness relation based only on RCS-relational similarity makes most intra-world counterfactuals trivially false.
Then y = x [right arrow] Fy is trivially true, making Fx trivially true.
What makes perspectival anthropocentrism trivially true are two facts: (1) that I inherently belong to the group of human beings; (2) that I cannot escape my own perspective.
The first disjunct is true if the counterfactual holds because in nearby worlds which differ from the actual world in only trivial respects, the agent acted in a way that constituted or caused a law-breaking or past-altering event; the second disjunct holds only if nearby worlds don't differ trivially from the actual world but differ very substantially, in that the laws that pertain in that world enable the agent to act otherwise.
Methods and tools of SISO systems cannot be simply and trivially generalized into multivariable cases.
Most fan-created and unlicenced manga volumes are available as zip archives, and can be converted into cbz comics as trivially as just renaming them from zip to cbz
Dark House's" portrayal of child abuse in flashbacks is a tad distasteful, because the context is so trivially escapist.
If ideas are as important in influencing material outcomes as Mueller has suggested in the past, then it is curious to see him acknowledge that nukes have profoundly influenced our thoughts, only to suggest that this influence has contributed--and will contribute--only trivially to outcomes.
It was vintage festival, and no doubt a pleasant surprise to JP, mainly because of his recent reprieve from serious illness, more trivially (although these things are subjective) because, after Binocular's latest lacklustre effort at Sandown, the inveterate punter admitted to having been on the brink of tearing up his ante-post voucher.
I find that the administration of morphine more than minimally or trivially contributed to the death of Mr Moss," he said.
That same agency regulates school exams, which Gove derided as often featuring trivially easy questions.