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The contract valued at approximately Cdn $2M was awarded to Trojan as part of the Alamitos Barrier Recycled Water Project located in Long Beach, CA USA.
In addition to providing customers with unparalleled assurance of performance, the NSF certification is expected to allow Trojan to increase distribution into markets where regulations have imposed strict standards on the required performance of residential UV systems.
The contract, valued at approximately C$100,000, is for two Trojan UVSwift(TM) municipal drinking water disinfection systems to disinfect 2.
Bulckaert brings to Trojan experience in managing global operations in a manufacturing and high-tech competitive environment.
Trojan Technologies believes that the industrial and commercial market for UV disinfection equipment offers Trojan the potential for significant growth.
The contract, valued at approximately C$1 million, includes a total of four Trojan UVSwift(TM) units designed to treat up to 21 million gallons or 79,500 cubic metres per day of drinking water.
When we acquired Advanced Ultraviolet Solutions (AUVS) earlier this year, our strategy was to enter the Environmental Contaminant Treatment (ECT) market quickly with a superior product offering," said Marvin DeVries, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Trojan Technologies.
Therefore it is better to automate the process by means of a Trojan and executable scanner that can intelligently analyze what each executable does and how dangerous it is.
Calyptix Security has successfully protected its customers from a new email virus widely known as the Storm Trojan, without reliance on static signatures.
SAN DIEGO -- Eset, a global security software solutions company providing next-generation virus protection, today announced that the company's advanced heuristics detected several thousand messages carrying variants of the Trojan based on the Bagle worms.