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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Its high expression by trophoblast cells in early pregnancy stages is well known.
Effect of siKRAS and siHRas on Proinflammatory Cytokines in Villous Trophoblast Cells. Studies in nongestational tissues have reported the K-Ras and H-Ras isoforms to regulate inflammation [42,43].
Maternal immune tolerance to semiallogeneic trophoblast cells of fetal origin is required for successful implantation and maintenance of pregnancy [5], and multiple mechanisms are believed to promote maternal-fetal immune tolerance.
In PE patients, these vessels undergo minor modifications, with apparent substitution of the media layer cells by invasive trophoblasts, increased apoptosis of trophoblast cells, placental ischemia and loss of vasomotor control.
We used the in vitro placental model JEG-3 cells, as, despite their limitations, they are a well-established cell line commonly used to mimic placental trophoblast cells [30].
During embryogenesis, trophoblast cells are believed to be the first to differentiate [1].
Bertin et al., "Involvement of connexin 43 in human trophoblast cell fusion and differentiation," Journal of Cell Science, vol.
However, less is known about how Kidney-replenishing herb controls trophoblast cell proliferation and apoptosis.