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Instead of each thing being related to the truth through the thing above it on a ladder, each thing is true insofar as its troth, its fidelity to something, stands out against a multiplicity of other potential partners and vassals, that is, against a continual, treacherous potential.
In the introduction, author Troth Wells lines up the main arguments of the vegetarian position: eating meat is neither healthy for the planet nor for individual human health.
We seek to establish a bigger troth about the person.
Troth is being recognized for saving the life of Jacob, a 5 year-old boy who had fallen through the ice on a lake.
Many Canadians like to think so, but they are deluded: the hard troth is that the public life of Canada is now so morally debased that we no longer have a single party in Parliament that upholds either marriage, the natural family, or the sanctity of human life.
In a second section, older, less current lectures include Arthur Holmes's (Wheaton College) classic apologetic of the theocentric unity of troth and his case for a Christian college; Denton Lotz speaks of the arrogance of the West and the role that Christian colleges have in the conversion of the West and East; and Anthony Campolo describes "radical" Christian colleges that are intentional about their profession of the faith and are places whose graduates do not fit into the social system comfortably but who can bring about nonviolent social change.
Lewis, and NYSEDC chair Charles Gargano--broke ground for the future financial building, ceremonially dipping polished silver shovels into a troth of dirt in a gesture defiant to the terrorist threats and indicative of the city's resolve to remain a financial capital.
West began his intellectual expedition as a student of creation science (if that isn't an oxymoron) as part of an in-depth quest to mine the troth of Christianity.
In troth, if Miniter were about 50 percent less tendentious, he would be 100 percent more convincing.
GEORGIA Campbell and Thomas Troth blasted off to the International Space School this week.
Enlightenment Aberrations resembles a conventional intellectual history to the extent that it draws upon the work of familiar figures: d'Alembert and Condillac serve as guides to Enlightenment epistemology, Condorcet and Sieyes expose the relationship of error and troth in revolutionary politics, Robespierre and Saint-Just represent the politics of the Terror, while Bonald and de Maistre outline a counterrevolutionary "politics of sin.