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They hardly ever spoke of personal matters, or uttered more than an allusion to their family troubles.
I have heard this enlarged on as if it meant the troubles and persecutions we bring on ourselves by confessing Jesus.
So you need not trouble yourself any longer to feign the love you cannot feel: I will exact no more heartless caresses from you, nor offer nor endure them either.
But don't you trouble yourself about it,' said I, kissing her pale, time-wasted cheek.
I have not enumerated half the vexatious propensities of my pupils, or half the troubles resulting from my heavy responsibilities, for fear of trespassing too much upon the reader's patience; as, perhaps, I have already done; but my design in writing the few last pages was not to amuse, but to benefit those whom it might concern; he that has no interest in such matters will doubtless have skipped them over with a cursory glance, and, perhaps, a malediction against the prolixity of the writer; but if a parent has, therefrom, gathered any useful hint, or an unfortunate governess received thereby the slightest benefit, I am well rewarded for my pains.
This same multis utile bellum, is an assured and infallible sign, of a state disposed to seditions and troubles.
For without that, there useth to be more trepidation in court upon the first breaking out of troubles, than were fit.
Trouble deficitaire de l'attention; trouble dysattentionnel
The Chinese financial regulator has launched debt committees to deal with lenders in trouble.
If I wasn't in foul trouble, it would have been a way better game on my end, he said, after posting 13 points and nine rebounds.
Irrespective of size, many firms often get into financial trouble at one time or the other.
On a night when expectations were high the last thing Vintage Trouble needed was an equipment failure.