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EgyptAir sets prices for upcoming Umrah flights - press photo CAIRO - 6 March 2018: An EgyptAir flight arrived Tuesday at Cairo International Airport four hours late because of a trouble-maker passenger.
To be fair, if he wasn't deemed as a trouble-maker, he wouldn't be rumoured to be joining us.
And despite Nancy's accusations that Whitney is a trouble-maker, Mick takes Whit's side.
And yet just months away from his 30th birthday the former Liverpool and Blues winger is adamant he has never been a trouble-maker inside a dressing room.
WIGAN midfielder Charles N'Zogbia has denied he is a trouble-maker or sulker and is looking forward to a challenge with his new club.
You make more work for me," but accepted his youngest pupil, a "born trouble-maker," at his Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man near Paris.
He wasn't a trouble-maker, he was a quiet, chilled-out lad who loved life and loved his sport.
A white mayor alone could not have welcomed the KKK for fear of being branded a racist; a black mayor alone might have been called a trouble-maker and lacked enough support from the white community.
Currently in full force, the trouble-maker causes droughts, floods, and hurricanes--like the one that slammed Mexico's Pacific coast last fall, killing 122 people.
She follows these profiles with two on women exemplars in Chapter Three: trouble-maker Anne Hutchinson, as a "radical exponent" of female piety, and establishment poet Anne Bradstreet as religious humanist.
Certainly there have been tired moments when I'd agree with Wigginton--get rid of this trouble-maker and let me do my job in peace.