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It is developed by Sberbank's Troubled Assets Department.
Our sample consists of twenty-five troubled firms and twenty-five non-troubled firms, from a variety of industries, asset sizes, and ages.
The independent Service Transformation Challenge Panel last year called for troubled families-style reforms to reach into other areas, such as employment, early years and social care.
In Stockton, there were 356 successes from 455 "troubled" families and in Redcar and Cleveland, all 405 families identified as troubled were turned around.
In Leeds, 879 troubled families were identified and 135 were turned around by January, 2013.
In some cases, NCUA and the state authority wrote very prescriptive letters of understanding and agreement, holding troubled credit unions accountable to reduce their risks by specific deadlines.
Within Kirklees 1,115 families were identified as troubled, compared to 475 in Calderdale and 930 within Wakefield.
Investors, regulators and practitioners asked the board to clarify what types of loan modifications should be considered troubled debt restructurings for accounting and disclosure purposes," FASB's Acting Chairman Leslie F.
2 : to produce physical disorder in : afflict <He's troubled with weak knees.
children from poor or troubled families (as advocated by the C.
Adults who themselves survived a troubled adolescence have pointed to an inner sense of purpose as crucial for their eventual adjustment (Gilgun, 1996; Werner & Smith, 1992).
This is an excellent novel that shows a troubled teenager and a principal who tries his best to help his students.