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James Phelan: Troublemaker is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh, from August 2-26 (except 14) at 6.45pm.
While it is not comprehensive, Troublemaker for Justice is an helpful primer for young readers about a civil rights leader who's worth learning more about.
Keller concluded, "It's important to recognize when you are in the presence of the office troublemaker and how to handle yourself accordingly in order to come out on top.
Linn, 19, is now loving life with the Blue Toon but said: "Being called a troublemaker was hard to take.
The pounds 147 AlertBox - a wireless gadget that allows neighbours to warn each other about troublemakers in their street - can send simple warning messages to other units within 100 metres.
The Troublemaker's Teaparty is the civics course we all should have had.
The troublemaker. Looking like a 16-year-old version of Dennis the Menace and waving his arm in the air.
Your company can trash you in a reference check (there are subtle ways, all legal), and you'll have a hard time convincing prospective employers that you are not a troublemaker.
Cartoonist Aaron McGruder is a troublemaker. Instead of the studied silence of many comic strips, the young African-American characters in The Boondocks have tackled the war in Afghanistan.
Police disputed the witnesses' claims and said officers had shown restraint in arresting a man police described as a troublemaker and a repeat offender of the city's anti-skateboarding ordinances.
A divided Appellate Division reversed the Supreme Court decision, saying a "question of fact existed as to whether defendants negligently permitted Toole, a nonresident and known troublemaker, to enter the building." The July 2 decision by the Court of Appeals upheld the Appellate Division decision.
One Japanese Ministry of Finance (MOF) official recently labeled Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka a "troublemaker" seemingly beefing up claims that the new Japanese official is hypersensitive to the Chinese and appears anti-American at inside meetings with colleagues (see From the Founder).