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If I happen to be speaking to an audience of clergy, I say what the clergy audiences already know: on that day two years ago when the troublemaker asked his question, it was I who spoke the words, but it wasn't I who answered.
With Troublemaker, Chiu joins the ranks of novelists Sia Figiel, Cynthia Kadohata and Lois-Ann Yamanada in effectively evoking the experience of female adolescence, but offers other skillfully drawn portraits as well.
As told by Earl in his semiliterate slang, Troublemaker is a complexly woven narrative that veers back and forth in time.
Beijing which has repeatedly called Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui a troublemaker for his comments that cross-strait ties should be considered "state-to-state," is the "real troublemaker" for its refusal to accept the Taiwanese people's desire for international recognition, the top government spokesman told a news conference.
But El Nino, the infamous worldwide weather troublemaker, delayed the rains and brought drought to southeast Asia instead.
Olly Murs Troublemaker MID-WEEK, and the cheeky Essex boy has caused an upset by taking No1 from Girls Aloud.
Marked as a troublemaker and a runaway, she's been emotionally and physically abused.
should have a clear understanding that Lee Teng-hui has been a troublemaker to the China-U.
If a remote troublemaker attempts a break-in with the wrong code just once, the device disconnects the computer from its network.
El Nino--which literally means "the boy" in Spanish--is a troublemaker.