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200) Tolerating Metacognition and self-regulation are uncertainty indispensable so that learners do not abandon their studies when encountering uncertainty and troublesomeness. (p.
This not-belonging, this constant shuttling between and within the imagined communities of German, French, and English, as between literature and philosophy, theory and romanticism, history and theory, common and uncommon sense, is not so much a methodology and a way of being in the academic world, although it is these things too, as a figure for what makes romanticism what it is, and what accounts for its troublesomeness and its necessity, now more than ever.
It is the very troublesomeness out of which erupts the Underground Man.
The troublesomeness of the learning-content analysis mentioned above carries over into the domain of instruction--quite naturally, of course, since instruction is in the service of learning.
In Part IV, I suggest that the law provides a useful laboratory for examining the problems of incommensurability, both for coming to an understanding of the pervasiveness and troublesomeness of incommensurable values and choices, and also with respect to the resources that we have available to reason in meaningful and powerful ways about values that are incommensurable.
First, there is something profoundly troubling, to a democrat, in allowing repudiated Presidents to continue to exercise the perogatives of what is usually called the "most powerful political office in the world."(4) But theoretical troublesomeness is scarcely the worst consequence.
The more one claims Augustine knew of Eunomius' theology, the more troublesome Augustine's Aristotelian language in Book V becomes: and the tripwire for this troublesomeness is automatically crossed if one claims that Augustine knew Basil's Contra Eunomium.