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But the truancy problem hit close to home when the police chief, on his way to work after a chamber commerce meeting, spotted a large group of teens in the local video store at 8:30 a.
in the complaint - was referred to truancy court twice for multiple absences but that no treatment programs were documented or discussed.
The latest Ministry report on truancy reveals the strong link between attendance and achievement in New Zealand schools, confirming how important it is for the Government to prioritise policies that keep kids in class.
As stated above, the Louisiana Children's Code (1990) defines truancy as five unexcused absences in one semester and mandates school attendance for youth between the ages of seven and eighteen.
In the past, truancy applied mainly to students who skipped entire days of school without being formally excused.
We want to see the students who have legitimate excuses for not being in school completely removed from the truancy court system.
In addition, efforts are being made to encourage the public to report truancy.
But this is still a 42% increase on 1996-97, when the truancy rate was 0.
Constable Les Harvey, leader of the truancy team, said: "One mum had phoned the school to say they were ill when in fact they were queuing up.
Because the Minnesota statutes allow schools to define the truancy vocabulary words (attendance, unexcused absence, excused absence, etc.
The council's cabinet member for education and leisure, Councillor Phil Bevan, said the operation aimed to stop truancy and educate children about the impact of their behaviour.
The police and education welfare officers who formRedcar and Cleveland's Behaviour Attendance and Truancy (BAT) team patrolled Overfields in the latest crackdown on truancy.