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The truancy court dismissed the petitions both times, but the complaint states the process didn't need to extend that far - and might not have had HB 2398 been followed.
That link is particularly concerning for Maori and Pasifika students, who are overly represented in the truancy figures and for those at low decile schools, whose truancy rates are up to twice the average.
Most educational systems treat truancy as a discipline problem rather than addressing its underlying causes such as mental health disorders, family issues, and school or neighborhood problems (Egger, Costello, & Angold, 2003).
Researchers place the causes for truancy into three generally accepted categories: home and family environment, student, and/or school.
The volume of students sent to truancy court has increased over the years, and minority and underprivileged students face this punishment more often than others, Harris says.
Is it any wonder, under such circumstances, that some councils give prizes for being at school rather than handing out fines for truancy? One solution is to have a team of school 'collectors' who target problem households and ensure pupil attendance.
"The message to parents is that we are working together to combat truancy and that parents need to take responsibility in ensuring their children attend school every day."
In addition, efforts are being made to encourage the public to report truancy.
Around 66,000 pupils of all ages skipped school sessions without permission on a typical day in 2009/10 through truancy, family holidays, illness and other reasons, an analysis of the figures suggests.
Because the Minnesota statutes allow schools to define the truancy vocabulary words (attendance, unexcused absence, excused absence, etc.), it is the responsibility of each online school in the state to provide this definition in a way that county officials can understand.
Under Operation Stay-in-School, an anti-truancy program put into effect in Los Angeles public schools in 2003, a whole host of police departments--from the LAPD and the Los Angeles Unified School Police to the Los Angeles World Airport Police--and multiple city departments are now authorized to ticket kids for truancy.
The police and education welfare officers who formRedcar and Cleveland's Behaviour Attendance and Truancy (BAT) team patrolled Overfields in the latest crackdown on truancy.