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Anyone interested in the varied tapestry that vampire fiction has become since Bram Stoker first popularized the genre should find much to enjoy -- and ponder -- in The Truants.
The fines and the sentencing of some juveniles to adult jails, along with the fact that truant youths do not have automatic access to legal counsel, have prompted the U.
In recent years, new assertions have been made that most truants aren't social deviants; rather, they're students who become truant as a rational decision.
PENALISING the parents of truants is not the way forward.
Very often, persistent truants have parents who ensure they are up in the mornings, well fed for school and have nice clean and ironed uniforms," the Daily Express quoted Anastasia de Waal, chairwoman of the charity as saying.
As our page 13 story reveals, more than one in 10 Liverpool children were persistant truants in Autumn 2010 and Spring this year.
Professor Ken Reid, who chaired an Assembly Government review into school attendance, said: "In South Wales we have third or furth generation truants.
Uncover reason for skipping school TRUANTING is more common when a child is not doing well at school or in particular subjects or when they spend time with peers who truant.
As a means of theorizing African American literary history, Jarrett pairs his deans and truants against a long literary and social timeline: William Dean Howells and Paul Laurence Dunbar in the 1890s, Alain Locke and George S.
We're not suggesting that's the best way to deal with the 6000 kids who play truant on the average school day.
The figures showed that Newcastle was the worst area in the region for both pupils playing truant and taking legitimate days off from school.