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Uncover reason for skipping school TRUANTING is more common when a child is not doing well at school or in particular subjects or when they spend time with peers who truant.
Schools Minister Jacqui Smith said yesterday: "Parents have a vital role to play and we hope that those who condone their children truanting from school will be dissuaded by new fines."
Of these, 23 gave a valid reason for being absent from school and only one was found to be truanting.
He said: "I'm not sure it is going to have a major impact because if children are truanting they quite often will not be with their parents and it won't get to the core of the issue."
Truancy Call director Stephen Clarke said, "On a typical school day there are some 50,000 children who are truanting."
"All parents want the best for their children yet half of youngsters found truanting are with their parents ( it is not acceptable ( these fines make that clear.
The Government today defended plans to charge parents of truanting children on-the-spot fines of up to pounds 100.
Acting Inspector Mal Lewis said: ``The aim of the exercise was to reduce annoyance from truanting youngsters in the city centre.
Follow-up work with truanting children, their schools and families will be carried out by educational welfare officers to work out any problems the pupils might have.
All explanations will be checked with the school and those youngsters who are truanting will be returned to the school and letters will be sent to parents.
Cllr Davies said the prosecutions were a key part of the methods used by the LEA to reduce truanting. He said: ``Generally speaking we are putting a lot of resources into this because at the end of the day if they do not attend school they will not get the results they need to get on in life.''
Some were truanting with friends, but others were with parents, shopping when they should have been at school.