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Anyone interested in the varied tapestry that vampire fiction has become since Bram Stoker first popularized the genre should find much to enjoy -- and ponder -- in The Truants.
Truant students can be sentenced to community service or even harsher penalties - including jail time or wearing a GPS-tracking ankle bracelet - if a student fails to follow the court's order and return to school.
Truants often claim they and their parents value education, but these same truants purposely absent themselves from the very educational experiences that they value in certain schools and classrooms (Shute, 2009).
Beneficiaries of the amnesty called on all truants to seize the opportunity given by the amnesty decree and go back to their work.
Truant children often come from poorer backgrounds, and fining these parents would just be a penalty on vulnerable people.
A similar picture in Warwickshire where in the autumn term 2011 and spring term 2012 there were 968 persistent truants in primary schools and 1,841 in secondary schools.
Children from 'good homes' are just as likely as those from troubled homes to display truant behavior and miss school, the report said.
Of course, by no means every truant child becomes involved with criminality of any kind, let alone a crime as awful as that perpetrated by Thompson and Venables.
The rate in the city's primary schools is roughly equivalent to one child in every class of 30 playing truant for half the school year - about 500 pupils a day.
As a means of theorizing African American literary history, Jarrett pairs his deans and truants against a long literary and social timeline: William Dean Howells and Paul Laurence Dunbar in the 1890s, Alain Locke and George S.
He and his chums were told that if they' actually played truant, they would have been belted every day for a month.
If a child truants one day a week over the course of their schooldays they will miss two whole years of teaching.