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TRUCE, intern. law. An agreement between belligerent parties, by which they mutually engage to forbear all acts of hostility against each other for some time, the war still continuing. Burlamaqui's N. & P. Law, part 4, c. 11, Sec. 1.
     2. Truces are of several kinds: general, extending to all the territories and dominions of both parties; and particular, restrained to particular places; as, for example, by sea, and not by land, &c. Id. part 4, c. 11, Sec. 5. They are also absolute, indeterminate and general; or limited and determined to certain things, for example, to bury the dead. Ib. idem. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 159; Com. Dig. Admiralty, E 8; Bac. Ab.;Prerogative, D 4; League; Peace; War.

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On 13 November last year, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that urged Member States to observe the Truce individually and collectively throughout the period from the seventh day before the start of the Olympics until the seventh day following the end of the Paralympics.
The Olympic truce is a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece.
A spokesman for Yemen's pro-Houthi military said in a statement that coalition and pro-Hadi forces had violated the truce 114 times and that its forces had "reserved the right to respond to violations and abuses of aggression".
The General Command of the army went on to say that the armed terrorist groups took advantage of the announced truce regime by mobilizing the terrorist groups and various types of weapons to continue their attacks on the residential areas and military sites and to carry out wide terrorist operations, mainly in Aleppo, Hama and Quneitra.
and Russia are expected to monitor the truce, which was originally envisioned as a nationwide effort that has now splintered into commitments for specific cities, including recommitments to truces in Latakia and Damascus that were discussed this week.
Critique: An extraordinary, unique, informed and informative study, "The Typhoon Truce, 1970: Three Days in Vietnam when Nature Intervened in the War" by Vietnam veteran Robert F.
Speaking to The Daily Star, the Lebanese security source revealed details on a truce plan that is being negotiated by the two sides that would lead to a six-month cease-fire.
Local news sources had said that Hamas' proposal presented an offer of a truce with Israelin return fora seaport and an airport and peace extending at least 5 years via Western diplomatic mediation.
The UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed called for an extension of the truce, "I call on all parties to renew their commitment to this truce for five more days at least," Ahmed said the Riyadh Conference.
The good work of our volunteers has ensured anyone wishing to find out the truth of the 1914 truce can do so quite easily.
The story of the Christmas Truce is a popular holiday story in Europe, highlighting a moment of hope in a dark and dreary war.
The British and the Germans may have been more inclined to a truce in 1914 because they saw themselves as cousins, like their royal families.