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After a great deal of hard work, for the Lion was heavy, they managed to get him up on the truck.
Then the mice were unharnessed from the truck and scampered away through the grass to their homes.
Of what use is the Government police if a poor Kabuli be robbed of his horses in their very trucks.
I have seen two men crouching under the wheels of one of the trucks nearly all night.
They will no more than take a little grain, perhaps, from one of the trucks.
Once they each of them earned a franc by loading trucks with innumerable boxes of oranges that had been dumped down on the quay.
The old gentleman had been roused agreeably by the presence of this attentive and well-informed young man, as was evident by the care with which he finished the last words in his sentences, and his slight exaggeration in the number of trucks on the trains.
She, too, felt an impulse to exaggerate the age of the bricks, as her father had exaggerated the number of trucks.
I got the express wagons and cabs mostly for $5; but the trucks and two-horse teams mostly raised me to $10.
High fuel prices led to concerns about the light truck market in 2005, but our statistical analysis showed virtually no correlation between fuel prices and light truck sales.
274(n) limit on per-diem payments, because it had leased the truck drivers from a PEO.