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RAWALPINDI -- Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi (MCR) under its anti-encroachment drive operation confiscated four truckload goods of encroachers from different areas of city.
The MCR spokesman told reporter that the teams of MCR conducted raids in Naswari Bazar, Banni Chowk, Sadiqabad, Commercial Marlket, Commercial Market and removed illegal sheds, cemented constructions, pillars occupied by the vendors and confiscated six truckloads of goods.
BEIRUT: Lebanese Army Intelligence Tuesday seized 20 truckloads of hashish from a farm in the Bekaa Valley belonging to notorious drug lord Noah Zeaiter.
"We have collected a total of 47 truckloads of garbage during the 'Traslacion' of the Black Nazarene, which is equivalent to 564 cubic meter or 160 tons.
Additionally, they distributed more than 30,000 water purifier sachets (the prepared equivalent of 16 truckloads of water).
Other items that are exported by Pakistan to India through Wagha border on daily basis on average included cement (43 truckloads), limestone (10 truckloads), aluminum (16 truckloads), rubber (01 truckloads), soda (02 truckloads), salt (09 truckloads) and dates (05 truckloads) etc.
She added that the scanner will allow for the daily entry of 20 truckloads with a total capacity of 40 tons of merchandise, compared with the previous capacity of only seven truckloads daily.
Purisima said this year's number was bigger than the amount of garbage recorded in 2017, saying it was 11% higher than last year's 65 truckloads of waste that weighed 341 tons.
Truckload (TL) carriers, those non-union, low-cost, low-overhead operations that are the backbone of the nation's motor carrier network, are enduring a buyer's market right now.
Israeli occupation forces allowed the entry of 17,241 truckloads, the majority of which were foodstuffs and consumables; an average of 556 truckload daily.
(iv) M/s Britannia has supplied 3 truckload of 345 boxes of biscuits today and remaining 2 truckloads of food items.
and Central Equipment for the disposal of two truckloads of contaminated soil and debris at a private residence