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He skipped nimbly out of reach of each threatening female--for such is the way of apes, if they be not in one of their occasional fits of bestial rage--and he growled back at the truculent young bulls, baring his canine teeth even as they.
CREON Thou art as sullen in thy yielding mood As in thine anger thou wast truculent. Such tempers justly plague themselves the most.
Thorndike, unaccustomed to cross the pavement to his office unless escorted by bank messengers and plain-clothes men, felt the room growing rapidly smaller; the figure of the truculent Greek loomed to heroic proportions.
When the people's minds had had a little time to cool, they were ready enough to acknowledge their mistake in imagining a similarity between General Blood-and-Thunder's truculent physiognomy and the benign visage on the mountain-side.
Imagine a thin but extremely wiry man, past middle age, brown and bloodless as any crabapple, but as coolly truculent and as casually alert as Raffles at his worst.
With our black silk face-coverings, which turned us into two of the most truculent figures in London, we stole up to the silent, gloomy house.
His judgment, perhaps, had been momentarily obscured by his dread of Mr Vladimir's truculent folly.
Valentin remained, and the two men, in their respective places, sat out the rest of the performance, which was also enjoyed by Mademoiselle Nioche and her truculent admirer.
Bitter and truculent when excited, I spoke as I felt, without reserve or softening.
As we were thus conversing in a low tone while Old Barley's sustained growl vibrated in the beam that crossed the ceiling, the room door opened, and a very pretty slight dark-eyed girl of twenty or so, came in with a basket in her hand: whom Herbert tenderly relieved of the basket, and presented blushing, as "Clara." She really was a most charming girl, and might have passed for a captive fairy, whom that truculent Ogre, Old Barley, had pressed into his service.
He strutted, stiff-legged and truculent about the body of the fallen enemy.
By the time Lee arrives at the hospital, Joe has died and he finds himself the legal guardian to truculent 16-year-old nephew, Patrick (Lucas Hedges).