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Knowing a patient needed his help he left his vehicle and laden with all the necessary equipment, which isn't particularly light, he trudged the last mile through the deep snow.
We spent the first afternoon we arrived looking for something we both wanted with my other half 'not that bothered' although as we trudged the cobbled streets of the Czech capital I could have been fooled by that statement.
And Alexandra, 21, who had a No1 hit with her Bad Boys single, watched sadly as he unloaded his luggage and trudged away.
Television umpire Rudi Koertzen decided the ball would have hit the wicket and Flynn trudged from the University Oval on 95 as Gayle claimed his third wicket to leave the Black Caps on 189 for four shortly after tea.
As Martins trudged off I felt like shouting "take your time, son" because he had been badly done by.
The stunning athlete wore Daniel toe-posts as she trudged through the wet grass and rain to sample some of Birmingham's top restaurant dishes.
Many times my wife and I trudged up those stairs, which seemed endless, and saw not a few climbing on their knees.
The softball gods haven't been smiling at Hart, as the Indians (5-1) trudged through yet another rainout Tuesday at Alemany of Mission Hills.
Millions of pilgrims trudged over mountains in search of redemption, and exercise fanatics still stream in along the well-marked Camino de Santiago.
As the Mars rover Spirit recently trudged up a rocky edifice known as Husband Hill, the vehicle's wheels churned up material that drew the immediate attention of scientists.
With disarming confidence, 9-year-old Hannah Burnette played the title role, wielding magical peacock feathers to restore love and optimism to the world-weary group of eight who trudged around with chests sunken, arms hanging sullenly, feet sickled.