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I'm an expert at Trudging Around In A Lot Of Mud now, having started Trudging Around In A Lot Of Mud at 6.30am a week ago last Wednesday, and continuing to do so till roughly 3am last Monday morning, apart from the odd mudscented slumber.
the players trudging off after losing 2-1 to Sheffield United last January, when I realised would probably never live up to expectations.
It is in such a desolate space, many times trudging around in thick mud, and has no shelter at all from icy, gusty winds.
The hardest hit area was Peshawar in the nor t h-we s t wher e homeless villagers were left trudging through knee-deep water.
It's set to be a scorcher on Sunday, so commiserations to Chelsea FC's mascot Stamford the Lion, who's bravely trudging around the 26-mile route to raise money for Help a London Child.
Yet, trudging though this 400+-page volume is often a tedious chore.
On a KLM arrival last year, after trudging up the aforementioned steps, we had to wait 15 minutes for a door to be unlocked to get to passport control!
But after trudging across the muddy flats, they found themselves stranded three-and-a-half miles from the shore as the tide came in.
She is simply minding her own business, trudging out to get the water, the sustenance, she needs at the well.
I just had a mental picture of this huge African elephant trudging solidly over the Crimea to reach your grandmother's house in Dorvil Street.
Now the agency is trudging once more through the process, essentially re-proposing the same maps while echoing Pombo's claims.
Most women spend two-and-a-half hours browsing the clothes rack each week, burning an estimated 193 calories per trip - which adds up to 133 miles a year, the equivalent of trudging from London to Nottingham.