true believer

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Their so-called extremist beliefs are nowhere near as solidified as those of the unwavering true believer and take second place to their emotional needs.
I am a true believer in all processes, systems, whether using conventional means or organic," Islam Siddiqui told the Senate Finance Committee at his confirmation hearing.
Be a true believer and worship the one, true and eternal God
That resulted in people running around in true believer fervor animatedly talking about being a "world-class systems manufacturer" or a "provider of solutions.
True Believer, in particular, is a Kylie clone but ultimately you can, and will, get it out of your head.
A handful of inset black-and-white photographs illustrate this respectful biography of a true believer.
But he's now a true believer in Courageous Leadership.
In an e-mail to supporters, Murray lauded DeLay's work, saying that there is a "big difference between a true believer and a congressman who 'votes right.
He begins the collection explaining how he became a true believer in the movie The Searchers, primarily because he didn't "get it," but felt the need to explain and defend it.
James Jackson Jarves, John Ruskin, and Alexis-Francois Rio saw in the friar an epitome of the unalienated craftsmanship of a true believer, for whom arduous work became inseparable from praying and the expression of authentic religious simplicity, uncontaminated by the rampant and propagandizing Catholicism that would bring the Renaissance to an end.
Written by a true believer in Mass as a holy ceremony fulfilling Jesus' command to repeat His actions and words until He comes, and warmly illustrated in full color with gentle, sunshine-touched artwork, The Weight of a Mass embodies the wonder of Christian celebration and is highly recommended.
But Bush is a true believer, Hersh says, and as a result, the body bags will keep coming.