true bill

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True Bill

A term endorsed on an indictment to indicate that a majority of Grand Jury members found that the evidence presented to them was adequate to justify a prosecution.

true bill

n. the written decision of a grand jury (signed by the grand jury foreperson) that it has heard sufficient evidence from the prosecution to believe that an accused person probably committed a crime and should be indicted. Thus, the indictment is sent to the court. (See: indictment)

See: accusation

true bill

(US) the endorsement made on a bill of indictment by a grand jury certifying it to be supported by sufficient evidence to warrant committing the accused to trial.

TRUE BILL, practice. These words are endorsed on a bill of indictment, when a grand jury, after having heard the witnesses for the government, are of opinion that there is sufficient cause to put the defendant on his trial. Formerly, the endorsement was Billa vera, when legal proceedings were in Latin; it is still the practice to write on the back of the bill Ignoramus, when the jury do not find it to be a true bill. Vide Grand Jury.

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When the grand jury has heard all necessary or available witnesses and is prepared to deliberate on the issue whether to indict or return a no true bill, the foreperson must compel all persons to leave the grand jury room except the members of the grand jury themselves.
But in true Bill style, it wasn't long before people started laughing and joking.
If they'd presented the incidents from the second case to the grand jury, they would have had another no true bill.
aliban in true Bill Oddie Winter Watch style said: "I saw a couple of rats on Westbourne Road on Sunday.
But the true bill would be far greater, given the need to hire agency staff to cover, and overtime costs.
19, 2006, a federal grand jury returned a true bill on 40 counts for various violations of the Federal Firearms and Narcotics laws including but not limited to; conspiracy, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime, possession with intent to distribute narcotics and drug user in possession of a firearm.
As a little boy, he lied to his parents and, though he was a smart kid and knew the consequences of his actions, he had maintained that hidden life, safe in the knowledge that no one knew about it, knew the true Bill Clinton.
Apptio's IT Cost Transparency solutions provide greater visibility into the cost, utilization and operations of IT products and services so that businesses can identify ways to reduce IT costs, make better IT decisions and provide the business with a true Bill of IT.