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With an understanding of the true crisis, it is now possible to identify strategic decisions that may need to be made.
Jihad can only be done against the Israeli enemy, especially that we are living through a true crisis on a regional level.
The answers to these questions will help to distinguish true crisis response firms from those that offer ordinary, limited security, such as acting as armed guards to protect individuals or property.
The solution notifies key personnel when an emergency call has been placed and assists staff to quickly determine misdials from a true crisis.
With more attention focused on corporate wrongdoing and social responsibility, there is little margin for error, whether it is bad news or a true crisis.
The Islamic Republic finds such times the opportune moment to exact revenge from ethnic and religious minorities and also distract people's attention from true crisis in major cities.
Syria's true crisis lies in the nature of the regime that has been ruling Syria for four decades now," Abdel Halim Khaddam told the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsaat.
Bulani said, "al Qaeda is suffering a true crisis after the arrest of prominent leaders in the field.
Therefore, having plans in place and teams trained is clearly not enough to build the kind of reflexes the organization needs to face up to a true crisis.
In the opening of Sirt Summit, Sheikh Hamad: The joint Arab action faces a true crisis which can't be ignored.
It was undignified but it was an expression of the true crisis being experienced by the Jewish state, in its relations not only with Ankara, but also with Europe, where the accusation of anti-Semitism has a smaller impact today on public opinion, after the massacres committed and being committed by the Israeli "Defense Forces.
Recently, this subject has been renewed with more graveness, backed with tangible evidence that is signaling a true crisis among Lebanon's newspapers, even if it is still an "underground" concern.