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As her analysis of individual transactions reveals, the true crisis caused by the collapse of tulip prices in February 1637 was not, in fact, a financial one, but rather one of honor.
If there is a true crisis in American higher education today, it is a crisis of purpose" (Lucas, 1996, p.
The true crisis is in the fact that coffee prices are so unstable, and that producers can't plan for the future," argues Stephen Greene, a spokesperson for Oxfam America, which recently released a report calling on the U.
If you wish to understand the inner workings and true crisis of Saudi Arabia, you can't go wrong absorbing journalist John R.
The housing crisis is a true crisis of quality of life.
An excellent and thorough manual, written especially to help would-be firefighters prepare when they may not always have much opportunity for field experience before a true crisis hits.
District leaders often feel crisis driven, but a true crisis helps to put the day-to-day challenges in perspective.
Nursing homes, like hospitals and other healthcare institutions, are facing a true crisis in terms of attracting and retaining qualified healthcare professionals.
But during a true crisis, corporate silos often become dysfunctional.