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BILL, TRUE. A true bill is an indictment approved of by a grand jury. Vide Billa Vera; True Bill.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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[Gluc.sub.T] = the true glucose concentration; [Gluc.sub.M] = the measured glucose concentration reflecting the effects of analytical imprecision and bias;
In this case, the true glucose values were generated in an interval from 30 to 280 mg/dL (1.7-15.6 mmol/L), and the categories used for insulin administration were <60, 60-90, 90-120, 120-150, 150-200, 200-250, and [greater than or equal to]250 mg/dL (<3.3, 3.3-5, 5.0-6.7, 6.7-8.3, 8.3-11.1, 11.1-13.9, and [greater than or equal to]13.9 mmol/L).
1 shows the percentage of cases in which the insulin dose that was appropriate for the simulated glucose result differed from the dose appropriate for the "patient's' true glucose. The filled columns in Fig.
As the CV of the glucose assay increased, the percentage of cases in which the measured glucose category differed by two or more categories from the true glucose category became an increasingly higher fraction of the total number of cases.