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Strange, but true incident echoes similar seizure at the Port of Los Angeles in July.
TUESDAY PATHS Of GLORY AT BELMONT FILMHOUSE - STANLEY KUBRICK SEASON, 1.25pM, BELMONT FILMHOUSE BASED on a true incident of the First world war, Paths of Glory is a film that has lost none of its power since its release in 1957, when Kubrick was only 29.
'The true incident that should be reported and condemned is that people who oppose the party and the president tried to infiltrate and disrupt the rally.
That the story of Sylvanus Demarest is based on a true incident adds all the more intrigue to this already captivating novel.
Based on a true incident in 2013, 'Faith Under Fire' recounts how Antoinette Tuff, played by Toni, dealt with a deranged man, Michael Hill (Trevor Morgan), who was clutching an AK-47 and stormed into a school in Decatur, Georgia, where she worked.
Though the lyrics seem inspired by a possibly true incident of running into Weld at an airport, Leo said in a Slate podcast that his ire stemmed from seeing the man as a representative of a patrician Republican class that didn't do enough to stop Donald Trump.
But the following true incident that I am going to narrate would prove beyond doubt that if a non-technical amateur election conductor could 'hack' an EVM, that too in the very first year of its induction into the Indian electoral process, the wretched politicians of the day perhaps can do it in a much better and professional manner.
The ML algorithm exploits the fact that, in the absence of the noise, the incident signal on the array elements can be expressed as a linear combination of the array steering vectors corresponding to the true incident angles.
(Note: The story of "Sally" is based on a true incident told by her daughter.
The movie is based on a true incident that happened in the life of my close friend, who is residing in Dubai.
Airlift is based on a true incident that occurred during Iraq's attack on Kuwait in 1990.
Critique: A superbly crafted work of historical fiction that is fundamentally based upon a true incident of sabotage by German agents on American soil during the course of World War I, "Black Tom: Terror on the Hudson" is a riveting read and highly recommended for both community and academic library Historical Fiction collections.