true to form

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True to form, Tarzan at once dropped to his hands and knees and searched beneath the bed for the lost gold piece.
Kagere then pounced to score the second following a defensive lapse by the Seville backline.SHARKS vs EVERTONBut true to form, the record Europa league champions fought back with goals from Escudero and Nolito to peg back the scores.
Catalan vows to be true to form and he should be if he wants to keep going in his bid to earn a title shot.
'True to form as a tyrant, he says brutishly that the war will not be sidelined and will be as relentless and chilling as from the beginning.
I HAVE to say leaving aside the culpability of the Russian government, which is still, despite much hot air, unproven, in the Salisbury chemical attack, Boris Johnson, as usual true to form, jumps in with both feet.
True to form, the screen legend who recently starred in the HBO thriller Mosaic, carried it off by smiling and giving a peace sign to watching photographers.
True to form, Newcastle were beaten 4-2 in the return match later in the season.
Campaigner Steven Turner said: "It's true to form for her.
True to form, his spring 2017 collection is punctuated with punchy confidence: neon floral appliques and embroidery electrify Wu's prim silhouettes, much like the work of artist Ugo Randinone--a point of inspiration this season--whose "Seven Magic Mountains," a stack of neon-painted boulders, has enlivened the barren Mojave Desert in Nevada.
True to form, Tohme is taking an expansive view of what it means to curate, uniting a veritable archipelago of sites and platforms under the rubric of tamawuj, an Arabic word suggestive of fluctuation, the physical movement of waves, or an undulating form.
LISTEN TO IT ROISIN MURPHY is hard-wired for eclecticism - from her clothes to her vocals, and Take Her Up To Monto, the former Moloko singer's fourth solo record, is true to form.
True to form he's ignored them - and met independent chairman of FIFA's audit and compliance committee Domenico Scala.