true to nature

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and these things being its "chief" delights-and then the pre-eminent beauty and naturalness of the concluding lines, whose very hyperbole only renders them more true to nature when we consider the innocence, the artlessness, the enthusiasm, the passionate girl, and more passionate admiration of the bereaved child--
In the first pamphlet the battle between Don Quixote and the Biscayan was drawn to the very life, they planted in the same attitude as the history describes, their swords raised, and the one protected by his buckler, the other by his cushion, and the Biscayan's mule so true to nature that it could be seen to be a hired one a bowshot off.
At Windygates, as elsewhere, we believed History to be high literature, because it assumed to be true to Authorities (of which we knew little)--and Fiction to be low literature, because it attempted to be true to Nature (of which we knew less).
True to Nature Flavors C flavors will be more closely reflective real fruit flavors, influencing seasonal offerings.
Their main influences were Japanese print and French realism and a large number of their works were done outdoors, allowing them to produce paintings that were as true to nature as possible.
One of the project's requirements is that students may only have one thing in the painting that is true to nature, but everything else, including the animal, must have the colors replaced (grass cannot be green, a bear brown nor the sky blue).
brand in the marketplace; after all, the benefits of these products are perfectly in line with the brand's core values of TRUE TO NATURE and TRUE TO LIFE," says Erlon Pereira, Global Director for Citrus Business Development, Flavor and Nutrition, referring to the latest member of the NATURALLY CITRUS
There's some pretty hard scenes to watch in the movie - and deliberately so, because we wanted to be true to nature, and nature has a tough side as well as a gentle side.
Finding what is true to nature requires a kind of genius, scarcely depersonalized.
The main goal is to be as true to nature as possible.
He added: "The main goal is to be as true to nature as possible.
A friend said: "She thinks grey hair is distinguished and that Paul would look far sexier if he stayed true to nature.