true to the facts

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I found Flying from the Black Hole true to the facts as I knew them and a great read.
While the essence of the film--a rich white Northerner brings attention to the unsolved murder of a black man--is true to the facts, many details were changed.
While the state of religious freedom and religious tolerance a for which Bulgaria is traditionally known a in a certain country should always be a matter of concern and should always be defended by the civil society of a democratic country on a local and global level, it should also be covered and reported fairly and true to the facts.
3 : true to the facts : accurate <The model was a faithful copy of my grandfather's car.
He must know that letter cannot be true to the facts and the person writing it must know that as well.
True to the facts of the legend as we read it, we first created the artwork, then wrote our stories to incorporate all elements of our designs.