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BILL, TRUE. A true bill is an indictment approved of by a grand jury. Vide Billa Vera; True Bill.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The high percentage of monomorphism (77.7% and 98.2%) in regenerated plantlets confirmed the effectiveness of shoot tip meristems as ideal sources of explants for guaranteeing true to type plantlets.
maxima (hubbard.) If there are no other plants of the same species in the vicinity, your seeds will be true to type.
To save seed, you'll want to grow open-pollinated varieties, which can duplicate themselves "true to type" (the offspring will be similar to the parent).
He said a mother olive orchards will be established at NARC with sixty different olive cultivars for provision of true to type propagation material to develop indigenous plants.
Remain true to type, emain true to type, avoid no matter how juicy.
True to type, national selector Geoff Miller was giving nothing away.
Varieties less prone to cross-pollination are used, to help ensure that the next-generation seeds returned to the library stay true to type.
from the meaning because thought to disease It is easily propagated from 10cm semi-ripe cuttings in late spring placing them in a sandy rooting compost and by layering to ensure it remains true to type.
Aniston and Theroux bought the 8,500 square foot palatial soon-to-be home at the beginning of the year and true to type, want the place to be absolutely perfect before they move in.
In this sense Hicks proves true to type. her objective and understated presentation plays down the interest and intrigue that an American author would probably have played up.
True to type, Zach Galifianakis played a simpering man-child perpetually offending his shrill-twee girlfriend.
The irrepressible Swann is never more than a few seconds away from his next chuckle, though - and true to type he added: "On the plus side, I get to come here to play in a World Cup - so in 18 years' time when he is giving me grief for not being there for the first six weeks I'll be able to say, 'But I beat Holland'."