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BILL, TRUE. A true bill is an indictment approved of by a grand jury. Vide Billa Vera; True Bill.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Just because something was made in huge numbers doesn't make it the truest true classic.
Reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons, this book, set in the mountains of North Carolina, portrays a 1960s family in its truest form.
Painted on wooden panels, carved in ivory or cast in metal, the icons, which represent Christ, Mary and saints of the early church are "sublimely beautiful and meditative--divine in the truest sense," said curator Katerina Atanassova.
Jon Rust, co-president of Rust Communications, who nominated Simons wrote, "He is a media pioneer in the truest sense of the word, an award-winning publisher of outstanding newspapers, a highly respected civic benefactor and a dedicated industry leader.
Muehe also appeared in Dani Levy's recent comedy "My Fuhrer: The Absolutely Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler," which was a B.O.
Dani Levy accepted the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival's Freedom of Expression award for "My Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler" Tuesday night after its North American premiere in San Francisco.
"In its highest form, scrapbooking is holy: an expression of our truest and most intimate selves, an honoring of moments, a celebration of the journey of life and living," she writes.
"Their 4-3-3 formation uses the personnel they havewell, and Toama and Vermot are wingers in the truest sense.
Remember one thing: No matter what your lifetime won/lost record happens to produce, if you are a man who is built for others, you are the truest of all CHAMPIONS!
Their belief that home ownership was the truest expression of the middle-class ideal was codified in the legislation of the New Deal.
Revolution is a thoroughly do-it-yourself operation in the truest punk tradition, founded 12 years ago as a "church for people who have given up on church," as its stickers (yes, stickers) proudly proclaim.
IN THE CLEAR If dust hides some deuterium, then the truest reading of the isotope's galaxywide concentration is the highest one, which would come from dustfree areas, Linsky asserts.