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Maayah told PNN that community based truism is very important for truism sector in Palestine because it will give tourist from all over the world to know more about Palestinians to know more about our aria about our cutler adding that the tourist will see many places that would not have the opportunity to see is the come as Christian pilgrims.
These results endorse the opinion of the inhabitants of the classical world of 2000 years ago, who regarded this discovery as a truism.
Whether it's because they listen to instructions better than men, have a lighter touch on the gear or because they observe details better, it's a truism that men get used to getting outfished by women.
The first truism examined in this edition is that competition in the defense market should replicate the commercial market by reducing costs and increasing innovation.
But Lawrence Mallory, a Gallup senior practice consultant who specializes in workplace engagement in government, says there's actually a bigger truism at work.
It is a truism that local government is the level closest to the people, but that truism also represents a reality that every resident of every place in this country will understand well, as they experience how their home towns are run.
In December's Engineer's Notebook, Dan Int-Hout states a truism that energy managers of the 1970s and '80s also faced: energy costs are about 1% of the cost of doing business, causing some to say why bother.
TRUISM, out of the money just once from five outings at his local course, gets the vote in a wide-open event.
It's a truism in African conservation that reducing conflict between humans and wildlife is half the battle--a truism reflected in the efforts being made at Gorongosa to work towards improving the health, education and standard of living of the human communities situated around the park.
The present Lib Dem leader in Wales is critical of all and sundry, reminding me of the truism spoken in the film A Beautiful Mind that "conviction is the luxury of those who are on the sidelines".
But that truism seems shaky these days, especially for boom-time buyers.
TRUISM can provide Amanda Perrett with a welcome tonic at Pontefract on Monday.