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But I'll truly try to be better, so he mayn't be disappointed in me by-and-by.
Of species themselves, except in the case of such as are genera, no one is more truly substance than another.
I do not mean by this that one substance cannot be more or less truly substance than another, for it has already been stated' that this is the case; but that no single substance admits of varying degrees within itself.
It is, however, a truly elegant city (very superior to New York), and I have spent a great deal of time in visiting the various monuments and palaces.
Home they went; and Rose fell asleep saying to herself, "It was harder than I thought, but I'm glad I did it, and I truly don't want any reward but Phebe's pleasure.
But that it was not the Church that he scorned or any who were truly good he shows by his picture of the poor parson.
The nature of the process is truly characterized by Glaucon, when he describes himself as a companion who is not good for much in an investigation, but can see what he is shown, and may, perhaps, give the answer to a question more fluently than another.
It was my own fortune to marry a woman whom the world thought handsome, and I can truly say I liked her the better on that account.
All my old-time marvel at life returned to me at sight of this splendid incarnation of it, and Wolf Larsen's cold explanation of life and its meaning was truly ridiculous and laughable.
Sit I here the best of air sniffling, Paradisal air, truly, Bright and buoyant air, golden-mottled, As goodly air as ever From lunar orb downfell-- Be it by hazard, Or supervened it by arrogancy?
Of course if it hadn't been for all that I shouldn't have wanted them, so--pretty things, I mean; and I shouldn't have got to planning all through the hall that first day how pretty mine would be here, and--and But, truly, Aunt Polly, it wasn't but just a minute--I mean, a few minutes--before I was being glad that the bureau DIDN'T have a looking-glass, because it didn't show my freckles; and there couldn't be a nicer picture than the one out my window there; and you've been so good to me, that--"
But truly, truly, it's not my fault, or only my fault a little bit," she said, daintily drawling the words "a little bit.