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It is learnt that the governing council has seen reason in the argument of the franchises who don't want the eight- player rule and are most likely to apply the five- player rule -- including trump cards.
Lynch suggests that the trump card that Fanny tries to sell William is the same queen that Henry had just refused to purchase from Mary on Lady Bertram's behalf; Fanny must have bought it from Mary while Henry's attention was otherwise engaged (22).
The stakeholders who really hold the trump card are the moneylenders, says geologist and author Simon Winchester, who believes that the most effective way to block a project is to convince investors to steer clear.
Giommi says the trump card the Sault holds over freight-transfer centres in southern Ontario is its direct single-line rail access to major U.
Is removable, random-access media, like small diameter disks, the trump card for automated libraries?
Richards, a 21-year-old "ex-gay," was there as LaBarbera's trump card, testifying that he had changed his sexual orientation through intensive therapy and prayer.
3 million in sales for 1999) realized that turning the tables on the way affiliates and networks do business was going to be his trump card.
A new trump card, "multifunctionality," is on the table.
It expresses a skepticism about political news that leads us to mistrust politicians' statements and to see their game as one that uses thousands of human lives as a trump card.
But my idea of the night's value bet is the Conor O'Dwyer-trained Trump Card in the finale.
Sydney, Mar 19 ( ANI ): Australian Twenty20 captain George Bailey has said that he believes the versatility of all-rounder Shane Watson will be a major trump card for Australia in the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh.
For those in the dark, a trump card can be used franchise to buy back a player they hadn't retained at the start of the auction.