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" See, if you are allowed to retain eight players with the help of the three trump cards, then the core of the teams -- especially the teams who have been successful -- would remain almost the same.
Lynch suggests that the trump card that Fanny tries to sell William is the same queen that Henry had just refused to purchase from Mary on Lady Bertram's behalf; Fanny must have bought it from Mary while Henry's attention was otherwise engaged (22).
"Sunil is our trump card, he's done well for us in that format, hopefully he could have a big impact on the English batting line-up," said Sammy of the 24-year-old spinner who has made a big impact at Twenty20 level.
This is not the first time a 100 percent mineral substrate has been developed, of course, but if this new material performs as well as its promoters affirm, then the ecological argument could be a trump card - which Richards is quick to play: "EnPLUS is based on natural rock minerals that are constantly replaced by the earth's water systems, so its use contributes to the reduction in the number of trees needed for paper production and also helps preserve the environment."
THE owners of The Bull Inn in Llangollen said their trump card in seeing their profits rise was their new heated outdoor smoking shelter.
With a public that is today comforted into passivity, where even the typical blue-collar American enjoys more material comforts than did royalty a few generations ago, Zinn never considers that apathy--the affirmative desire to be excluded from participation in the political process, the preference to be uninformed--is the establishment's trump card. Instead, he seems confident, or at least hopeful, that the masses will someday soon, in a flash of enlightenment, seize the system that is rightly theirs.
Quality is the trump card: In some cases, quality is a stronger incentive than cost.
Heat, sand, and rocks all combine to take a heavy toll--unless you're willing to play the PM trump card!
However, Congress holds the trump card: if it doesn't act, the president's rescission is automatically rejected.
Ma reports that Chinese newspapers have sharply increased coverage of environmental issues, and he calls the Internet "the trump card." Bulletin board sites and blogs extend far beyond newspapers in reaching China's 80 million web users.
But it's $1.5 billion in broadcast rights, much of which goes to the host city to pay for the games, that could be Rio's trump card. "There is pressure to be able to broadcast the Olympics live on prime time to reach a larger audience.
After two similar incidents, Mann's third case of mistaken identity took place at Plumpton on September 27 when Trump Card appeared in a handicap hurdle in place of stablemate Investment Force.