trumped-up charge

See: frame up
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We demand the immediate release of Baylosis and the junking of the trumped-up charges filed against him.
The illegal arrest and filing of trumped-up charges against Baylosis is a desperate move by the Duterte regime to sabotage the people's aspiration for peace, to discredit our legitimate and just demands for pro-worker and pro-people socio-economic reforms and to silence all opponents for his grand scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship through charter-change,' Adonis said.
Investigators eager to get terrorism investigations off their desks are also prone to framing Pakistanis on trumped-up charges.
Two Mexican environmental activists remain behind bars on trumped-up charges, their supporters say.
He claimed employers would "look to fire employees on trumped-up charges and will engage in witch hunt and harassment tactics to force people out.
Each year, as an anniversary of the 4 June massacre approaches, the leaders renew a crackdown on dissenters: security men watch their every move, harass them, or arrest them on vague, trumped-up charges.
Red-baiting and the filing of trumped-up charges will intensify following President Duterte's latest threats against 'all legal fronts' that allegedly aid communist rebels, the progressive Makabayan party-list bloc predicted on Thursday.
THE REVIVAL of the trumped-up charges against former Bayan Muna Rep.
Under the Aquino administration, the assault on political dissenters through the filing of trumped-up charges is on the rise.
Human rights lawyers describe the circumstances cited in the trumped-up charges as beyond human experience-like the soldiers' testimonies that they identified the respondents from alleged military encounters where they supposedly saw the faces of the accused.