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The barber of Fleet Street, it may be remembered, was sent away on a trumped-up charge only to have his beloved wife killed and his infant daughter taken away and raised by the judge who did the sentencing.
Arrested on a trumped-up charge, he was shot for refusing to convert to Islam.
Investigators eager to get terrorism investigations off their desks are also prone to framing Pakistanis on trumped-up charges.
Zanu-PF has invented yet another technicality to have him detained without trial on trumped-up charges of banditry and terrorism," a party statement said.
Bo, now a graduate student of history, returns to town to find Pollo, now a Presbyterian minister, in jail on trumped-up charges.
Two Mexican environmental activists remain behind bars on trumped-up charges, their supporters say.
He claimed employers would "look to fire employees on trumped-up charges and will engage in witch hunt and harassment tactics to force people out.
Each year, as an anniversary of the 4 June massacre approaches, the leaders renew a crackdown on dissenters: security men watch their every move, harass them, or arrest them on vague, trumped-up charges.
These are trumped-up charges, always have been,'' said Abber, 47, who lost to Mayor Frank Roberts in April 2000 and plans to make a second run at the Lancaster mayoral race in April.
Stepinac was the Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 until his arrest, trial and imprisonment by Tito's Communist authorities in 1946 on the trumped-up charges of collaboration with the local Nazis.
Friends and lovers betray him, his works are confiscated, he's arrested on trumped-up charges, he escapes, gets caught again and gets sent to a prison full of violent criminals.
He tells you he just learned that a few renegade officers in one field office of the security department have illegally arrested at least 100 of your customers on trumped-up charges over the past three or four years.