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Dubbley did as he was desired; and half a dozen men, each with a short truncheon and a brass crown, flocked into the room.
Grummer, perfectly speechless with indignation, dragged the truncheon with the brass crown from its particular pocket, and flourished it before Sam's eyes.
30) at the Sinha Regiment in Ambepussa to award of the first-ever President's Truncheon and the Regimental Truncheon to Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR).
Susan Donoghue was sexually assaulted and killed with a truncheon by an intruder at her home in Bristol on August 5, 1976.
Ian looked up and saw that the copper's face was as white as the snow still lying around, and there was something "Ann Twacky" about his uniform - it looked way out of date - but, before Ian could take in any more information, the truncheon whipped through the glacial air and knocked him clean out.
which stands for the Shropshire and Worcester Canal Company (PS100-PS120), while a George V truncheon with a coloured transfer of a crown, royal monogram and a cartouche which reads "Birmingham Special Constabulary 1916-1919" is among a group of four estimated together at PS200-PS250.
It shows one officerbeatinga man repeatedly with a truncheon, beginning on camera and continuing off-camera for a longer period while another looks on but later joins in with a few kicks while the man is on the ground.
A POLICE officer yesterday won more than PS400,000 compensation from the Gwent force after being branded a "laughing stock" for using a truncheon to smash a pensioner's car window.
He ran away after stealing a wooden police truncheon, given to the family as a gift just after World War II in 1946.
Nacional goalkeeper Bava spent the night in the cells for his antics, which he claimed were provoked by a policeman hitting him with a truncheon.