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Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the tipstave has a history that predates the truncheon.
2 Asylum" truncheon, right, painted with the rod of Asclepius to represent healing, (PS120-PS160); and two painted respectively with the crests of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (dated 1854), and St Mary's College, Oxford (together PS150-PS250); another painted with the arms of three field guns and the initials "R.
He is sprayed in the face with what appears to be pepper spray and backs into a corner whereupon they enter the cell and onepoliceman violently and repeatedly attacks him with a truncheon.
Police armed with truncheons and shields stormed the pitch to protect match officials - from Nacional players.
As regards Monday's events, Naumov comments that despite the large number of negative incidents that will have bad consequences, it is good that the opposition this time truly smelled the scent of the frozen asphalt and the "caress" of the truncheon.
His truncheon was waving above his head as he raced into Le Bar Toulzac like something out of the Keystone Cops.
A MAN who rang police to say he was going to kill a neighbour with an ornamental truncheon was yesterday given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay pounds 85 costs.
One independent, who did not want to be named, said he had carried a truncheon for 20 years but had never used it.
Summary: The police watchdog is investigating after a student was left with bleeding on the brain after being hit with a police truncheon.
They include a painted truncheon from the River Tyne Police, a William IV Newcastle Police truncheon and Victorian Tyne Dock Police truncheon.
The fifth victim, Mohamed Hamdaoui, who lives in the northeastern city of Nador, was once again assaulted on Saturday at the same crossing point by a Spanish policeman who hit him with his truncheon and trampled him underfoot, causing him an arm fracture and several bruises.