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This strengthening technique is called hybrid steel trussed concrete beams (HSTCBs).
Monaco, "Analytical evaluation of steel-concrete composite trussed beam shear capacity," Materials and Structures, vol.
Additionally, each rut is a deck-truss-type bridge structure and consists of an aluminum deck supported by FRP and aluminum trussed members.
In the proposed triangular-truss system, pultruded FRP profiles and aluminum profiles for structural applications were selected for the trussed members (see Figure 1).
The bearing strength of bolts in juvenile wood was evaluated with a tensile test, and the flexural properties of trussed round-wood beams were determined with a static test.
Trussed steel arches form the basis of the structure.
(The external diameter of the tubes is constant, but their walls vary according to local stresses.) The shell and the thin blade-like trussed arches are further related by outriggers which stabilise the shell and add increased longitudinal stiffening.
Long paired steel rafters are trussed with steel rods and propped at their third points with inclined tubular steel struts that spring f rom the spine and rise without support to the base of the trusses.