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However, RBA's feasibility study, which included analyzing the trusses using computer-aided matrix analysis techniques, indicated that the live load capacity could be increased to H15 or 15 tons (a five-fold increase) by using modern methods and materials, and somewhat larger chord members, without altering the historical appearance of the trusses or the bridge.
Centered between the trusses in the north slope of the roof are five small skylights.
Another solution: Don't nail the ceiling drywall to the trusses within about 16 in.
Glimpsed from the road, the squat terracotta tiled drum of the council chamber set against a delicate carapace of timber trusses, like the bleached skeleton of a prehistoric beast, powerfully proclaim the presence of something modern, different and self-assured.
Wexler's solution, as he has refined over years of work, incorporates a slew of engineering jargon such as restrained girder systems, staggered trusses, outriggers, and beam-in-wall-systems.
At left, Pauline and Joe Kaslake of Phoenix built their own trusses as part of an extensive house remodel designed by architect William P.
This two-page TTB addresses issues relating to the handling and installation of trusses 60 feet and greater in length.
We combined standard 2x4 wall construction with prefabricated roof trusses to make roof framing easy, eliminate tricky soffit (eave overhangs) work and simplify trim details.
Frey reveals this structural system on the north side where it breaks for windows, for he shows T-shaped glazing with visible trusses in place of the missing panels.
The new 12-story building, extending from 68th Street to 70th Street, is supported on 91-foot span steel transfer trusses spaced at 25 feet on center spanning over the FDR Drive.
Titled "The Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, & Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses," this 136-page book replaces the HIB-91 booklet from TPI.