Trust Deed

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Trust Deed

A legal document that evidences an agreement of a borrower to transfer legal title to real property to an impartial third party, a trustee, for the benefit of a lender, as security for the borrower's debt.

A trust deed, also called a deed of trust or a Potomac mortgage, is used in some states in place of a mortgage.

trust deed

n. another name for a deed of trust, a form of mortgage used in some states, in which title is transferred to a trustee to protect the lender (beneficiary) until the loan is paid back. (See: deed of trust)

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Radley deposed that he received a copy of a set of two trust deeds from 'Quist Solicitors' London, one pertained to Neilson and Nescol (BVI Companies) owning Avenfield properties, whereas the other pertained to Coomber (BVI Company) comprising three pages each.
The rate of protected trust deeds per 10,000 adults in Scotland has remained constant in 2015/16, with only a slight increase from 10.
A trust deed relating to the school means that any proceeds from its sale will have to be used for religious education purposes.
A Spokesperson from Trust Deed Scotland Company, Scottish Trust Deed commented by saying;
The trust deeds sold by Sunburst were unquestionably legitimate throughout most of the three decades the two men did business together, Huntingdon says.
As well as making the Reserve Bank the prudential regulator of the NBDT sector the legislation provided trustees with certain powers to amend trust deeds and places a number of obligations on trustees.
The first two cases, Jackson and Shepherd, both involved vendors who took back purchase money trust deeds from one owner and then permitted a subsequent purchaser to execute replacement documents.
Trust Deeds are asset based loans with annual yields ranging from 10%-12% while Apartment Syndication investments are a sturdy, long-term investment that capitalizes on today's real estate market.
Pursuant to the passing of each of the Extraordinary Resolutions by the Noteholders, the Company and the Trustee have, on 4 December 2015, executed the Supplemental Trust Deeds to provide for the proposed amendments to the Conditions and the Trust Deed.
7%, whilst protected trust deeds have fallen by 26.
The DST Regulations are aimed at safeguarding the interests of the debt securities holders; ensuring that provisions of the Trust Deeds executed between the issuers and the trustees are not breached; to monitor compliance by the issuers of the terms and conditions of the respective trust deeds; to monitor maintenance of the security, if any; to monitor the payment of profit/mark-up/interest to the holders and redemption of the securities; and to redress the complaints of debt securities holders.
A total of 6294 personal insolvencies - either bankruptcies or protected trust deeds - were recorded in the first three months of this financial year.