Trust Deed

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Trust Deed

A legal document that evidences an agreement of a borrower to transfer legal title to real property to an impartial third party, a trustee, for the benefit of a lender, as security for the borrower's debt.

A trust deed, also called a deed of trust or a Potomac mortgage, is used in some states in place of a mortgage.

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trust deed

n. another name for a deed of trust, a form of mortgage used in some states, in which title is transferred to a trustee to protect the lender (beneficiary) until the loan is paid back. (See: deed of trust)

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The notice asks Ms Nawaz or her counsel to appear in court on July 19 to respond to the application filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) seeking initiation of proceedings against her for presenting the 'fake' trust deed before the investigation team and the judge of the accountability court.
The former first daughter said she 'produced two declarations of trust deeds before the JIT, which on the face of these were certified by the Notary Public as true and exact copies of the original.'
Commenting on the letters from Jeremy Freeman in January 2017, Nawaz said Freemans letters confirm the trust deed of the property.
Over 2012 and 2013, about 20,000 Scots will have been sequestrated or have taken out a Protected Trust Deed because of their debts, according to accountancy firm PKF.
"Our role concerns the amendment of the trust deeds in relations to the sale.
"The increased figure for new Protected Trust Deeds is no surprise.
The relationship between the Fund Manager and the Trust is guided by a management agreement while the relationship between the GIPF and the Trusts is regulated by a Trust Deed.
"Jim taught me everything I know about trust deeds," Huntingdon says.
As well as making the Reserve Bank the prudential regulator of the NBDT sector the legislation provided trustees with certain powers to amend trust deeds and places a number of obligations on trustees.
Mortgage-backed securities: Bond-type investment securities representing on undivided interest in a pool of mortgages or trust deeds. Income from the underlying mortgages is used to pay off the securities.
Although it doesn't come up very often, clients sometimes will want to invest their retirement funds in trust deeds or realty ownership.
The first two cases, Jackson and Shepherd, both involved vendors who took back purchase money trust deeds from one owner and then permitted a subsequent purchaser to execute replacement documents.