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On the strategic side, some concerns can be expressed regarding the placing of a territory under the trusteeship system.
5) This management--the transitional administration of sovereign territories (6)--offers a critical lens through which to view the potential for and problems of trusteeship over failed and failing states.
When a CPA considers a trusteeship engagement, professional standards require that she have the requisite skills and knowledge to render the services competently.
proposed "Trusteeship Agreement for Palestine" (1) (hereinafter the Trusteeship Agreement), drafted by the U.
The draft law proposes to amend the Federal Law "On Guardianship and Trusteeship" in terms of empowering the guardianship and trusteeship bodies to ensure the possibility of preserving the child-parent relationship between a child temporarily under guardianship and a parent who is not deprived of parental rights and who is in prison .
After the resumption of hostilities in July 2016, the South Sudanese government strongly rejected calls for an international trusteeship on South Sudan as it was the case of East Timor and Kosovo.
12) Finally, Part II applies the understanding of statehood to the current situation facing island nations, and discusses both the UN Trusteeship system and precedent for non-state sovereign actors.
In November 2014, the US had drafted a proposal for UN Trusteeship known as the United Nations Assistance Mission for South Sudan, which was to be headed by a special representative of the UN Secretary General.
He covers the world at a tipping point, framing Earth governance, commons, the global commons, trusteeship, the state as environmental trustee, trusteeship and the United Nations, institutionalizing trusteeship for the global commons, and there is another way.
I discovered that the Kremlin sought to establish a Korean government dominated by the left wing by strictly adhering to the Moscow Agreement and preventing the participation of factions opposed to the Four-Power Trusteeship in the Joint Commission.
Trust documents should be examined thoroughly before accepting any trusteeship, as crucial legal points may significantly affect the risks to the trustee.
The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges 2015 National Conference on Trusteeship Arizona Biltmore | Phoenix http://agb.