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According to Article 75 under Chapter XII of the UN Charter entitled International Trusteeship System, it is stated, 'The United Nations shall establish under its authority an international system for the administration and supervision of such territories as may be placed thereunder by subsequent individual agreements.
If the so-called separatists want us to believe that they are not part of Ghana, then they are invoking UN Resolution 63 (I), which means they must go back under trusteeship. At any rate, the UK, which used to administer the territory, is not interested in doing so.
The international community has already created systems for non-state, yet national, entities to participate in international politics with states: the trusteeship system.
But the government has made it clear it will resist any attempt to impose trusteeship or protectorate status on South Sudan.
Along with the establishment of the provisional government, the CPSU reaffirmed the enforcement of the trusteeship rule.
For example, the resolution criticized the media associated with Saleh and Ali Salem Al-Beidh, the former president of the South, because they speak of trusteeship and Chapter VII while interviewing people who have committed acts of sabotage on oil pipelines and electricity towers.
At a news conference held in Sana'a, the US diplomat said people should not consider the UNSC resolution puts Yemen under the international trusteeship, pointing out that it stemmed from the outputs of the comprehensive national dialogue conference.
The bodies of trusteeship and guardianship as well as the commissions within them are the only ones in Armenia that are
When UHW opposed the renewed Alliance agreement on the grounds that it "prevents workers from engaging in struggle to improve their working conditions," adversely affects "out mission and goal to advance and defend the interests of out members" and comes too close to being a "company union," Stern threatened to place UHW in trusteeship. (34-36) UHW'S fight for workers' rights, however, was far from over.
official even recommended Washington withhold giving administrative rights over the islands to Japan as it would entail a "great loss of face" for Taiwan, but the islets were returned to Japan since they were part of the area administered by Japan when the United States placed them under trusteeship.
Trusteeship is a concept equally applicable to many other areas of concern to humanity.
CDC is proud to be associated with the Government of the Punjab to perform the Trusteeship function for the Punjab Pension Fund and we look forward to more business associations with the Government of the Punjab with respect to other services being offered by the Company, he added.