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Vietnam's government newswire reported that Hun Sen and his Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, discussed issues in a 'friendly and trustful atmosphere' at the Mekong-Lancang Cooperation Summit.
Maradona quickly called his trustful translator to take him to Dubai, under the assumption that he was driving right behind.
If this trend continues, the relationship between Riyadh and Doha can not only be restored but improved, and a mutually trustful partnership can be enjoyed again.
Sarhadi, also chairman SCCI Railway and Dry Port standing committee said federal government's decision will provide cheap, secure and trustful goods transportation facility plus earn millions of rupees revenue for railways and also strengthen provincial economy.
On his part, Modi said that the Indian-Russian relationship is very trustful, where its roots are historically very deep.
My Faithful Friend That morning I found you listless in bed No strength to lift your weary head Our time together was nearing its end Farewell my trustful faithful friend Collar, lead and tag hang on the door Never to go on our walks no more Squeaky toys now silent and lay forlorn Unrequited love since you were born Always waiting beside the garden gate Tail wagging has excitedly you'd wait Guarding me through both day and night I picture you still by the fireside light Did everything together went everywhere Now in my dreams you are always there I reach down to stroke your body to pat Wishing again you were there on the mat The garden where you used to abound I've buried my faithful, trustful hound The plaque it reads for everyone to see There never will be another like he.
Hanso said members of the special operations forces of Estonia and Ukraine have established a very trustful and mutually beneficial relationship of co-operation.
State Minister for Information, Yassir Yousif affirmed the Ministry 's resolve to serve the country through objective media defending the Country through trustful and fair message.
It turned out that [France's ex-president Jacques] Chirac, a very educated person, who had very close and trustful ties with the Sunni part of the Middle East, predicted the consequences.
Eide said the two leaders were having an open, frank, and trustful dialogue and they showed respect for the opposite position.
He covers citizenship and the transformation of American society, the meaning and measurement of citizenship, forming citizenship norms, bowling along or protesting with a group, free speech for everyone, whether government is the problem or the solution, whether a good citizen is trustful or skeptical of government, in Tocqueville's footsteps, and the two faces of citizenship.
Primarily, this was made possible through trustful relations between the heads of our states," Dzhaksybekov said at the ceremony.